A new dining experience,
right from the heart
of Middle East.


Bringing an Arabesque-
rich dining culture into a one-of-a-kind upscale dining experience.

Toronto has a vast and extensive dining landscape experience, and Joummar Middle-Eastern Restaurant is no exception. We were brought on to augment and strengthen Joummar’s unique interior design into a well-rounded design and branding experience.
The interior—as well as the exterior—design of the restaurant was retrofitted and designed to attract not only a large Arabic clientele in the Mississauga, Oakville area, but also appeal to the city’s diverse multicultural population. PILOT Brandesign worked closely with the restaurant’s interior designers to design graphic and branding collateral to refine and redefine the clients’ dining experience.
Working alongside One & Only Design—the restaurant’s chief interiordesigner, a variety of business stationery and restaurant condimentswere created to help with the overall dining experience.
All interior was custom designed and fabricated in Dubai, UAE, From Arabic-inspired geometric patterns carved in wood, etched in glass and decorated in lighting pendants, to traditional iraqi-inspired mural paintings that canvases a wall, everything was thoughtfully designed and meticulously executed.

By far the best ambiance in a restaurant I have been to (at least in Mississauga). Gorgeous interior and decorations, and its a good place for formal gatherings. Never tried iraqi food before so it was very unique. Will come back and try again!

Abdul M.
Local Guide


2018 – 2019

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Food Industry 


Project planning, SWOT Analysis, Strategic planning, Brand positioning.


Corporate communications, advertising, packaging design, copywriting, concept development, Branding, Signage, Installation, Environmental graphic design.

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