Luay Saig


Creative Director / Design & Production
With over 15 years of combined design studies and design practice, Luay Saig is the creative director and Design/Production services for PILOT Brandesign. A graduate of the York University/Sheridan College Joint Program in Design, he began his design career immediately after completing studies.

During the course of his studies and work experience, he has obtained formal training in areas of branding, typography, advertisements, information/editorial design and signage, working for a wide range of clients in various market sectors.

A visual artist at heart, Luay brings his artistic, creative and semantic ideas as they pertain to the design and marketing realm of business. His artistic and design passion span over an array of interests, ranging from Baroque art and architecture to cultural variances in graphic design. He brings forth a wealth of design experience and ideas to new start-up businesses as well-established and successful corporations that are looking for design excellence in marketing and promoting their business.